Miraculous elements that have different stories...

The essence is formed as a result of choosing the right raw materials amongst thousands of them and combining by the right ratios.

Every scent has a story, a souvenir and we include each of these essences in our lives to experience the stories and souvenirs.

The essences are generally a beautiful harmony of the 3 notes; upper note, middle note and deep note. This order has been made according to their boiling points but in other words according to the order of the scents that we feel after application.

The first scent of the essence that we smell is the upper notes and they generally consist of light and volatile raw materials such as citrus group, the middle notes are raw materials with slightly heavy scents and medium volatility. Deep notes are raw materials that have the highest boiling points and that we smell hours after their application.

As Aromis Chemistry we produce our innovative essences using the best of the raw materials and the latest technology equipment and present them to our valuable customers.

»Hair care products
»Shower gel and liquid soap
»Creams and lotions
»Body colognes

» Deodorant
» Eau de Toilet
» Eau de Cologne

»General cleaning products
»Dish washing products
»Softeners and detergents
»Wet wipes

»Plastic odorization
»Shoe care products