The place where solution partnership and common success is blended…

If we imagine that the whole is a body, then research and Development is for sure the heart of the body for the essence and aroma producer. Just as the body cannot act without the heart, the company cannot function without the research and development.
Within this context Aromis Chemistry spends more than 15% of its turnover for research and development activities and investment in the technological infrastructure in order to strengthen its abilities in this field each year.
The company also cooperates with institutions such as Tubitak and Kosgeb to develop the investments made for research and development and develops new projects continuously with universities.

Aromis Chemistry has 2 different laboratories for Aroma and Essence separately and 2 different application centers for both of them separately. The experienced perfumers and aromatists that consist of chemists, chemistry engineers and food engineer use technological equipment in order to design the latest essences and aromas for the customers and solve the problems immediately.

The primary goal of Aromis Chemistry research and development department is to contribute in the long term success of the customers and become their solution partner during their product development stages.