Aromis Kimya is dedicated to providing the fragrance, hygiene, personal care and food industries with a wide range of essence and aroma solutions. Founded in 2007 by professionals of the chemistry industry, we provide quality raw materials and manufacturing meeting the highest standards demanded by our customers.

From our modern complex in the Ikitelli area of Istanbul, we provide the raw materials that can be found in various products across the whole of Turkey. All of our processes meet the strict laws concerning the preparation and production of products for human consumption and fine fragrance use.

We are currently providing services and products to the most prestigious Turkish companies specialising in the fields of eau de cologne, perfume, personal care products, hygiene, soap, detergent as well as the food industry. However, we don’t rest on our laurels! We are continuously enhancing our product range by developing and adding new and original scents and are investing in our Research and Development to study new and complex solutions applying our chromatography technology and fine fragrance perfumer team.

We understand the important need of aroma and essence in the market and our mission is to offer the best products to our customers. As the Turkish economy is growing, Aromis, as a domestic manufacturer, is ready to meet this growing demand with our solid base of experts and technological background.